...barter, institution-style, but that didn’t pan out. The days draw out pretty long now, so wasting a cigarette while waiting for water to boil is a necessary distraction. Might only be a couple minutes, but you take what you can get.
    You know, there wasn’t any fear when I saw her. I was just awake, there was something or someone in the room, I jumped up, decanted the gun, fired. That was a bit out of character, since I’m not really a shoot first ask questions later kinda guy. It all seemed like I was playing a part in a movie or something. Very calm, executing my blocking, hitting my marks. No lines.
    Shrugging off bullets is only part of what made the visitor distressing. How did she get in, if I can’t get out?
    Technically, sure, I can get out. I mean “get out and stay alive.” It’s easy enough to “get...